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Naruko Hot Spring Area

Naruko Gorge

Naruko Gorge

From the middle of October to November, the large gorge (100 meter) is colored by beautiful autumn leaves. There is a 2.5km promenade for an enjoyable one-hour walk along the river. Please enjoy the scenery in four seasons.


Shitomae no Seki

In Sengoku Period, the place was called Iwate no Seki, in between Saijo of Dewa and the woods of Shitomae. In 1520’s, Yusakageyu Nobuharu (ancestor of Yusa family in Naruko) of Akumi of Dewa came from Misako of Kurihara. He joined the power of Yuyama family from Myosada and built a small fortress in the current place. After Date Lord took control of the place, it is renamed as Shitomae Sakaime and a guard station was built. It was an important checkpoint managed by Date’s family and other officials. Famous haiku writer Matsuo Basho and his mate Sora visited the historical site in 1889. They also checked by the officials but passed the check station finally.

Naruko Hot Spring

Naruko Hot SpringThe general effects of Naruko Hot Spring are nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritic pain, shoulder pain, motor paralysis, bruise, fracture, arthrokleisis, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, cold body temperature, after-illness recovery, fatigue recovery, health enhancement.

Naruko Hot Spring
Naruko Tourist Association

Spring type and effect

Naruko hot spring type and effect
Spring type Spring effect (general effect)
Simple Spring Temperature over 25℃. Low active materials. Hot Spring.
Bicarbonate Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis
Soda Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis
Salty Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis, weak child, chronic women's diseases
Mirabilite Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis, arteriosclerosis
Gypsum Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis, arteriosclerosis
Alum Spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatitis, arteriosclerosis
Green Mirabilite Spring Menstrual syndrome
Sulfur Spring Cut, chronic dermatitis, diabetes, chronic women's diseases
Hydrogen Sulphide Spring Cut, chronic dermatitis, chronic women's diseases, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes
Acidic Spring Chronic dermatitis

Public Bath

Taki no Yu
As the holy bath of the nearby Shinto Shrine, the public bath has more than 1000 years of history.

Taki no Yu Information
Bath time 7:30AM – 10PM
Fee Adult 150 Yen Child 100 Yen

Waseda Sajiki Yu
The hot spring was found after the war during a test by students from Waseda University. The current facility opened in 1998, which was designed and renewed by Ishiyama’s Lab. of the same university.

Waseda Sajiki Yu Information
Bath time 8:30AM – 10PM
Fee Adult 500 Yen Child 300 Yen

Shintoro no Yu
Enjoy talking with local people in the public bath in Yamadaira Hot Spring.

Shintoro no Yu  Information
Bath time 9:30AM-9:30PM
Fee Adult 420 Yen Child 210 Yen

Spa Onikobe no Yu
A convenient spa next to the Fukiage Highland camping site.

Spa Onikobe no Yu Information
Bath time Weekdays, Sunday and Holidays
8:30AM – 10PM
Saturday and the day before holiday
10AM – 10PM
Fee Adult 500 Yen Child 300 Yen
Resort Park Onikobe ski site


The site has ski courses from the beginner’s level to advance level. It has 7 lifts, 2 restaurants, 1 hotel and 12 pensions. Ski school is also available.


For more information
Resort Park Onikobe TEL0229-86-2111

Uenono ski site

Uenono ski site

The ski site is on the western hill slope of Naruko Hot Spring. The weather of the ski area is fine throughout the season, and the snow quality is ideal for skiing. The best site for beginner, family, and ski lessons.


For more information TEL0229-86-3650

Camping site (Fukiage Highland camping area)

Fukiage Highland camping area

The camping site in Naruko is surrounded by green. It has cooking facilities and rental goods. You can also drive your car to enjoy a wild camp with a resort feeling.
* Please try the hot spring at “Spa Onikobe no Yu” nearby.
Naruko Hot Spring Brewery Ltd.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbingKamurodake
The mountain is famous for hikers for its Alpine view.

* The mountain base is covered by beech woods, but the rock surface is bare on the peak.

The mountain is a simple geographically, with the peak a caldera covered with beech woods.


FishingIwana (mountain trout), yamame and nijimasu (rainbow trout) fishing is possible in Eaigawa and its tributary, as well as in Oyagawa and its tributary. In Araogawa of Onikobe area, there is a catch and release zone for fishing beginners.

Homepage of Naruko Fisheries Cooperatives:


Golf course (Resort Park Onikobe Club)

Resort Park Onikobe Club18-hole golf course inside the vast resort area.

Resort Park Onikobe Club


Golf course (Naruko Country Club)

Naruko Country ClubA simple golf course with 9 holes.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Naruko Highland.